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The selected Chaplains from the VI Selection Boards will be notified by the personnel Actions Officer, DACH-PER, and offered the opportunity to apply for the CPE Program. Applicants will be screened by the CPE Selection Committee. The 20 best qualified applicants will be selected and assigned to CPE Centers. Depending upon funding, five or six of these will come to BAMC.

Application forms may be requested from:
Office of the Command Chaplain U.S. Army Medical Command
2050 Worth Road, Suite 15
Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234-601

Criteria for Selection

Residency CPE is intended for Active and Reserve Component (RC) Chaplains who have been selected for Voluntary Indefinite Status, and whose assignments will require ministry during combat and peacetime tragedies in hospital and battlefield settings. Reserve Component students will be funded by the RC. The top 15 Chaplains on the order of merit list (OML) based on the Spring Voluntary Indefinite Selection Board and the top 15 from the previous Selection Boards will constitute the eligible population to be screened for the year's CPE Program. Introductory CPE is designed for Chaplain Candidates, with funding incurred by ARPERCEN. Both courses are also open to other uniformed services personnel on a space available basis. However, a memorandum of understanding must be established between the receiving service and the Army CPE Program host activity.


A practical research paper is required in the fourth Unit of Residency CPE. Three competency/theory papers (Theological/Personality/Educational) are required during the second year of Supervisory CPE.

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