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DA 3838 Instructions

General Instructions For Completing DA Form 3838 Application For Professional Training

Mail, fax a PDF version to:

Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant Fellowship
ATTN: MCHE-EMS (EM PA Basic Skills Course)
Department of Emergency Medicine
Brooke Army Medical Center
3551 Roger Brooke Drive
Fort Sam Houston, Texas 78234-6200

Office: (210) 916-3598
DSN Prefix 429
Fax: (210) 916-2265

FROM: Your best mailing address; either home or work:

  1. Facility: AMEDD (usually but not always)
  2. Training: Short or Long course (for applications to LTHET)
  3. Name: Self-explanatory
  4. Grade: Self-explanatory
  5. MOS: Self-explanatory
  6. Corps: Self-explanatory
  7. SSN: Self-explanatory
  8. Security Clearance: Self-explanatory
  9. Unit: Self-explanatory
  10. UIC: May omit
  11. Duty: Self-explanatory
  12. Office & Home Phones: Provide both DSN and COM.
  13. Purpose: Course Title for short courses or conferences.
  14. Location: If course to be held in area near a military installation, but lodging is at a local hotel, this block should list hotel (if possible) and the city rather than the post.
  15. & 16. Dates: List actual course dates only, do not include travel to and from.
  1. Costs: For short courses, there should be no costs. It is not legal to charge a short course registration fee for incidentals, such as coffee breaks or a reception, and you will not be reimbursed for such expenses. If you are attending a unit funded CHE which charges registration fees for printed material, your unit is authorized to reimburse the fee.
  2. Category of Service: Applicant must have at least 1-year retainability to attend short courses.
  3. Participation in Federal Programs: Omit
  4. Previous Short Course: List other courses attended. The aim is to maximize the number of officers who attend short courses and not send the same individuals to several courses in the same FY.
  5. Days: Again, exclude travel.
  6. License: State or national registry within specialty.
  7. Signature: Attesting to accuracy of the above information.
  8. Local Approving Authority: This block must include your current DSN and COM facsimile numbers in order to issue fund citation memorandums. If available, include your e mail address. Also, the statement A Soldier meets height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9 must be in this block.
  9. - 27. Local Approving Authority: Signature of supervisor or commander who can attest to the accuracy of the above information and eligibility IAW AR 600-9 and remaining active duty obligation of at least 1 year.

NOTE: It is the soldier's responsibility to submit a corrected DA FORM 3838 to the address above if there are any changes (i.e., address, phone numbers, etc) prior to receiving the fund citation memorandums.

A copy of your DD FORM 1610 must be collected by the project officer at the beginning of any short course and forwarded to the central training program branch, Department of Health Education and Training (DHET).

If unable to attend the training, the soldier must notify Department of Health Education and Training [DSN: 421- 9428 OR COM: (210) 295-9428] prior to course start date.

DA FORM 3838 must be received by DHET NLT 60 days prior to course start date.

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.