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SAUSHEC Medical Student Rotations

Specialty 3rd Year 4th Year Weeks Per Rotation
Allergy Clinic      
Anesthesia X X 4
Cardiology/EKG X X Not Available
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)   X 4
Cardiothoracic Surgery X X 4
Dermatology X X 4
Emergency Disaster   X 4
Emergency Medicine   *X 4
Emergency Ultrasound / Point-of-Care Ultrasound     4
Endocrinology   X  
Family Medicine X X 4
Gastroenterology   X 4
General Surgery   *X 4
Hematology Oncology Clinic   X 4
Hematology Oncology Ward   X 4
Infectious Disease   X 4
Institute of Surgical Research (Army Burn Center)   *X 4
Internal Medicine Clinic   X 4
Internal Medicine Ward   X 4
Medical Intensive Care Unit   X 4
Nephrology Clinic   *X 4
Neurology Clinic   *X 4
Neurosurgery   *X 4
OB/GYN   *X 4
Ophthalmology X X 4
Orthopedic Surgery X X 4
Otolaryngology X X 4
Pain Management   X  
Pathology *X *X 4
Pediatrics   *X 4
Psychiatry X X  
Pulmonary Clinic   X 4
Radiology X X 4
Rheumatology   *X 4
SICU   *X 4
Trauma Surgery   X  
Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine X X 4
Urology *X *X 4
Vascular Surgery   X  

*Student Coordinator will receive approval from the department.

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