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Medical Student Rotations

Coordinator Contact Information

Coordinator Contact Information for USUHS Medical Students

Email: bamcrequests@usuhs.edu

Coordinator Contact Information for HPSP and Civilian Medical Students

Telephone: (210) 916-3231 / 916-6574
Fax: (210) 916-0695
Email: usarmy.jbsa.medcom-bamc.mbx.saushec-clerkship@health.mil

Mailing Address:
Brooke Army Medical Center
Graduate Medical Education, ATTN: Medical Student Coordinator
3551 Roger Brooke Drive
JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-4504

Directions to Medical Student Coordinator's Office

Upon entering facility, follow overhead/wall signs to Elevator C. Take Elevator C to second floor. Exit straight out of elevator, past East Same Day Surgery, through double doors. The Medical Student Clerkship is located inside the department of Hospital Education, room TP-207.

USUHS Medical Students

USUHS Medical Students please schedule Elective Interviews & Core Rotations Directly with USU.

USUHS students should reach out to the USUHS student coordinator team at bamcrequests@usuhs.edu for scheduling questions and assistance.

HPSP and Civilian Medical Students

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Student Program at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC). Please review the following information. If you have questions that are unanswered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact the Student Coordinator by email at usarmy.jbsa.medcom-bamc.mbx.saushec-clerkship@health.mil and by phone at 210-916-3231/6574.

Rotation Requests

  1. All rotations must be requested through the Student Coordinator using the BAMC Rotation Request and sending by email to usarmy.jbsa.medcom-bamc.mbx.saushec-clerkship@health.mil. Do not contact the departments directly, as this may result in over-scheduling causing unexpected cancellations. SAUSHEC Rotation Request (PDF)
  2. ADT rotations take priority over non-ADT rotations. However, both Army and Air Force HPSP interview non-ADT rotations will receive equal consideration durning the months of May thru October.
  3. During the months of May-October, Medical Students intending to interview will take priority over all other rotations.
  4. Medical Students will receive a confirmation letter via email once rotation is scheduled. Read confirmation letter carefully and immediately begin submitting requested information. If requested information is not received within two months of start date your rotation will be automatically cancelled.
  5. HPSP Medical Students requesting a non-ADT rotation must have a Memorandum of Affiliation (MOA) in place between BAMC and the student’s medical school (takes from two to six months). Student Coordinator will provide contact information when request is received.
  6. Civilians, with no military affiliation, must initiate a National Agency Check with Inquiries (NACI) through the BAMC Security Office as soon as possible, but no later than one month prior to rotation start date. Contact Student Coordinator for detailed instructions.
  7. Rotations at BAMC are very competitive! Rotation requests should be submitted on the earliest allowable date. When Medical Student limit is reached per specialty, Student Coordinator will work with Medical Students to secure an alternate date, sub-specialty rotation, or rotation in alternate specialty to ensure Medical Student is on-site for face-to-face interview.


Beginning 1 January 2014, BAMC will accept rotation requests when students are within nine (9) months of their intended rotation month.

Rotation Starts In: BAMC Accepts Request On:
January 1 May
February 1 June
March 1 July
April 1 August
May 1 September
June 1 October
July 1 November
August 1 December
September 1 January
October 1 February
November 1 March
December 1 April

SAUSHEC Medical Student Rotations

Specialty 3rd Year 4th Year Weeks Per Rotation
Allergy Clinic      
Anesthesia X X 4
Cardiology/EKG X X Not Available
Cardiac Care Unit (CCU)   X 4
Cardiothoracic Surgery X X 4
Dermatology X X 4
Emergency Disaster   X 4
Emergency Medicine   *X 4
Emergency Ultrasound / Point-of-Care Ultrasound     4
Endocrinology   X  
Family Medicine X X 4
Gastroenterology   X 4
General Surgery   *X 4
Hematology Oncology Clinic   X 4
Hematology Oncology Ward   X 4
Infectious Disease   X 4
Institute of Surgical Research (Army Burn Center)   *X 4
Internal Medicine Clinic   X 4
Internal Medicine Ward   X 4
Medical Intensive Care Unit   X 4
Nephrology Clinic   *X 4
Neurology Clinic   *X 4
Neurosurgery   *X 4
OB/GYN   *X 4
Ophthalmology X X 4
Orthopedic Surgery X X 4
Otolaryngology X X 4
Pain Management   X  
Pathology *X *X 4
Pediatrics   *X 4
Psychiatry X X  
Pulmonary Clinic   X 4
Radiology X X 4
Rheumatology   *X 4
SICU   *X 4
Trauma Surgery   X  
Undersea Hyperbaric Medicine X X 4
Urology *X *X 4
Vascular Surgery   X  

*Student Coordinator will receive approval from the department.

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