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Orthopaedic Surgery Residency Overview

The resident academic education is primarily conducted on Monday; a day dedicated to resident education. Residents are expected to attend all academic conferences or sessions while rotating at Brooke Army Medical Center. The academic sessions should take priority during the residents' schedule. The day begins at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio for basic science and Orthopaedic Grand Rounds. Here, the collective residencies for the Wilford Hall Medical Center, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, and Brooke Army Medical Center conduct a lecture series covering current topics in Orthopaedics with speakers being guest consultants, staff, and residents from all teaching programs. (There has been an informal affiliation between these two programs which has proven to be mutually beneficial.) The lectures last two (2) hours with Brooke Army Medical Center residents returning to the hospital by 0900.

During Morning Report on Monday, all orthopaedic emergency room consultations and inpatient consultations are presented to the entire orthopaedic surgery staff and residents. Appropriate history and physical findings are discussed. Following the presentation, the resident is expected to cite appropriate treatment alternatives based on current orthopaedic literature. The resident is expected to have developed a treatment plan for each individual case presented. The treatment plan is discussed by the teaching staff and either agreed upon or is modified with a thorough explanation for the modification. At Chief's Conference, the previous week's postoperative cases and any interesting preoperative cases are discussed with the resident surgeon presenting the case to the group. The resident is expected to present all pertinent pre and postoperative x-rays during the case presentation as well as provide a brief discussion about the case and any complications that occurred. Anatomy Conference is conducted on a weekly basis. This conference generally lasts 1-1½ hours. Anatomy instruction will be coordinated by the Chief Residents

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