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Psychiatry Residency Program

The art and science of psychiatry have changed dramatically over the past generation with a provocative expansion of knowledge in multiple arenas. It is the goal of our program to train psychiatrists for the future who are equally well equipped across the spectrum of all the skills that we offer our patients. The diversity of that commitment is evident in the range of clinical experience and didactic training which is reflected in this brochure.

All of our training goals are predicated upon the conviction that a psychiatrist is first, and foremost, a physician. We practice our craft in collaboration with our medical colleagues and we strive to share our medical knowledge and unique skills with them in a way that benefits the patients for whom all of us care. It is our program's goal to ensure that our graduates can practice effectively in multiple settings by integrating a broad array of skills: as consultation psychiatrists working in concert with other physicians; as dynamic psychotherapists who can "listen with the third ear" and respond appropriately; as pharmacotherapists who can bring the strength of neurochemistry to bear on both acute and chronic illness; as community psychiatrists who capitalize on cooperation with allied mental health professionals; and, for some of us, as military organizational psychiatrists who consistently provide good psychiatric care within the unique framework of the military mission.

This program is fully accredited by the ACGME and is in its 39th year of providing a four-year training curriculum. Successful completion of this program will signify that a graduate has the requisite skills to care effectively for patients, assume a position of responsibility in psychiatry, and sit for the examinations of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN).

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Phone: (210) 567-5433

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Phone: (210) 292-5941

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Phone: (210) 916-8687

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SAUSHEC Psychiatry Residency
Wilford Hall Medical Center
1100 Wilford Hall Loop
JBSA Lackland TX 78236-9908

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