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Psychiatry Residency Attendance

Resident attendance at didactics, Grand Rounds and Tuesday Noon Conference is required. PGY-1 residents must attend 70% of available educational offerings (except for noon conference which is 60%). PGY 2-4 residents must attend 80% of educational offerings. Vacation leave and certain educational meetings (administrative leave) do not count against attendance. All other absences are counted against the attendance percentage. Residents who miss seminars due to approved absences (such as being on night float or being post-call) are permitted to listen to audiotapes of the seminars for attendance credit. Tapes are available in the Education Office. Residents who do not meet their respective attendance rate will be required to write educational papers, do non-administrative call shifts, or other educational and/or administrative activity at the discretion of the RED/DRED. The length of the papers will be determined by the following formula: Interns will write two (2) pages for each 10% shortfall or fraction thereof, and all other residents will write five (5) pages for each 10% shortfall or fraction thereof. Topics will be at the discretion of the RED/DRED. Leave cannot be taken until papers and/or educational or administrative responsibilities have been fulfilled.
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