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Department of Clinical Investigation


The Department of Clinical Investigation (DCI) mission is to promote, coordinate, support and oversee organized scientific inquiry in basic, translational, and clinical research at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) and foster collaboration with other institutions in the Regional Health Command – Central (RHC-C). Through research, the DCI facilitates improvements in the health care of our beneficiaries by introducing new technologies or medical treatments, and supports Graduate Medical Education (GME) by encouraging and supporting research that includes residents at BAMC. Additionally, the DCI Mission is to assure compliance with federal regulations for the protection of human research subjects and for the responsible use of animals in medical research and training. The DCI facilitates and supports the entire process of research approval including research proposal preparation, submission, review, monitoring, funding and contract management of approved research, by providing program administration, education and consultation for all research activities at Brooke Army Medical Center and other Military Treatment Facilities and clinics covered under its Assurances.


Office of the Chief, Laboratory Services, Animal Services and Statistical Review are located at 3698 Chambers Pass (located between USAISR and SAMMC hospital).

The BAMC Human Research Protections Office (HRPO) (formerly the DCI Research Operations Service) is located at Building 3667, behind D Lot.

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Department Administration


  • DCI Chief 210-916-2444
  • Deputy Chief 210-916-4405
  • DCI Directory 210-916-1350

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To make an appointment with

  1. Research Consultation 210-916-1353
  2. Bio-Statistician 210-916-2016
  3. Finance 210-916-5280
  4. Lab Manager 210-916-2734
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