Health Services

Army Patient Centered Medical Home

What is APCMH?

The Army Patient Centered Medical Home is a way of delivering medical care that is organized around the patient's medical needs. It encourages a partnership between patients (and their families) and their Primary Care Manager (PCM). The APCMH supports the military’s unique mission and understands the challenges that face the Active Duty Military and retiree’s family.

What are patient responsibilities in the APCMH?

To evaluate our care and customer service standards and exercise a choice to stay with Army Medicine and be engaged, active participants in decisions and activities that affect your health such as providing a health history, current medications and participating in self-management goals.


The Army Patient Centered Medical Home focuses on building a partnership with the patient. Health care that is truly patient-centered considers the patients’ cultural traditions, personal preferences, values, family situation and lifestyle. The APCMH puts decisions regarding health care goals in the patient’s hands and provides the self management tools and support needed to meet those goals.  Patient centered care ensures continuity, coordinates care across multiple settings, and communication between the patient, their PCM and all other members of the Medical Home. The APCMH goal is to improve their patient population’s overall health and wellbeing, which will increase their quality of life and decrease the long term need for invasive treatments and hospitalizations.

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