Health Services

Outpatient Appointments & Classes

The Community and Outpatient Nutrition Clinic is located at the Jennifer M. Moreno Primary Care Clinic on Fort Sam Houston. However, many of our Registered Dietitians are located within BAMC as well.

Although your Primary Care Manager (PCM) may place a referral to the Community and Outpatient Nutrition Clinic, our services are also available through self-referral or upon a patient’s request.

Group classes are offered for the following conditions: prediabetes, newly diagnosed diabetes, gestational diabetes, bariatric surgery and weight loss (for both Active Duty Service and Family Members). A follow-up, individual appointment with a Registered Dietitian is available after attending the above classes.

Patients with other diet-related conditions, such as heart healthy (high blood pressure or cholesterol monitoring) diet therapy, sports or performance nutrition counseling, gastrointestinal support for conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or disease or fatty liver or management of dietary allergies, may schedule an individual appointment with a Registered Dietitian.

Individual and group appointments can be booked through the Central Appointment Management Office by calling the appointment line at 210-916-9900 or by calling the Community and Outpatient Nutrition Clinic directly at 210-808-3609/-2232.

Active Duty Service Members only may also book their first, individual appointment with a Registered Dietitian through Tricare Online under “Dietary counseling and surveillance.”

Prior to your nutrition appointment, it is highly recommended that you maintain a 24-48 hour food log or diary. Be sure to include all foods and beverage you consumed leading up to your appointment. The more details you provide, such as portion size or preparation method, the better our team will be able to assist you.

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