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Please come to Birth Registration Office when you are at least 20 weeks pregnant to get pre-admitted and begin the Birth Certificate Worksheet. This is to make your labor flawless without delay.

You can name your baby anything you want EXCLUDING numbers or non-alphabetical characters. State Health & Safety Code Sec. 192.002

You are required to name your baby BEFORE you leave Brooke Army Medical Center so that we may comply with state regulation. We are required to submit the Verification of Birth Facts (VOBF) information to the state within 5 days of the baby’s birth or based on the parents religious beliefs, not later than 15 days. (Parents(s) must contact birth registration or admissions as soon as the child is named) This is in accordance with the State Health & Safety Code Sec. 192.003.

If the worksheet is incomplete or if the VOBF has not been verified or signed by the parent(s) with the time frame, we will release the VOBF information to the state. BAMC is not responsible for any corrections that may result in an incomplete Birth Certificate. It is the responsibility of the parent(s) to ensure birth facts are verified with the time frame of local state laws.


If you are discharged without completing the mother’s worksheet, please see Birth Registration or call to let us know you will be coming in. It is important that all information is correct and must be personally verified. We do not take information over the phone.

Acknowledgement of Paternity

If you and your baby’s biological father are not married, and biological father wants his name on the Birth Certificate, an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP) must be completed. If there is a presumed father, he too must sign the denial portion of the AOP. BAMC can assist you with this, but in order to have it processed by BAMC, it must be finished within 5 days of the baby’s birth, regardless of religious belief. NOTE: An AOP can also be signed before the birth of your baby.

Complimentary Certificate of Birth

After having your baby a Certificate of Birth will be given to you by Labor and Delivery. You will also need to get the certificate stamped by PAD. 

Birth Registration Checklist

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