Health Clinics

Military Performance Laboratory

Measuring Motion to Enhance Function

The Brooke Army Medical Center's Military Performance Laboratory (MPL) provides our injured military members with the best technology available to precisely analyze and interpret movement dysfunctions.

The goal of the MPL is to optimize recovery and enhance performance. We use computer-based instrumented systems to quantify movement, muscle activation and recruitment strategies, and ground reaction force data.

This data will allow us to:

  • Assess functional movement limitations
  • Assess variances among the components of orthotic or prosthetic devices to maximize movement efficiency
  • Quantify and treat abnormalities during walking
  • Help to determine the best course of treatment to enhance return to activity

Contact Us


  • Chairman, Dept of Ortho & Rehab: 210-916-7846
  • NCOIC, Dept of Ortho & Rehab: 210-916-0923
  • Chief, Orthopaedics Service: 210-916-5666
  • Chief, Orthopaedics Clinic: 210-916-5666
  • Orthopaedic Residency Director: 210-916-3410
  • Director, Center for the Intrepid: 210-916-6100
  • Chief, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation: 210-916-6100
  • Chief, Traumatic Brain Injury Service: 210-916-8693
  • Chief, Occupational Therapy Service: 210-916-5805
  • Director, Occupational Therapy Doctor of Science Program: 210-916-0997
  • Chief, Physical Therapy Service: 210-916-1920
  • Director, Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Doctoral Program: 210-916-2651
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