Health Services

Preparing for Your Visit

A Medical Visit can be stressful at the best of times. When you are concerned or not feeling well it is very easy to forget the topics that you wanted to address at your visit. A little preparation before your visit will make the time with your provider more productive. You may also want to involve a trusted third party (relative or friend) to assist with information or attend the visit with you.

To Prepare for Today’s Visit

Write down your questions or concerns. Include symptoms that you are concerned about: when they started, how long do they last, where they are located, what makes them better and what makes them worse. It is also helpful to gather the following information to help your PCM know the things that will help them clarify your issues.

  • Past and Current Medical Problems (include any identified since your last visit)
  • Medications (including OTCs and herbals)
  • Surgeries (when, what kind, why?)
  • ER visits (when, what for, what was done?)
  • Hospitalizations (when, how long, what for?)
  • Family history (grandparents, parents, siblings)
  • Immunizations (Tetanus, Pneumonia, Flu, Shingles)
  • Testing (MRI/CT, labs, Colonoscopy etc)
  • Visits to other providers (testing done, new medications and recommendations they made)
  • Allergies to medications, or substances

We encourage you to become involved in your care: ask questions, participate in decision making, and communicate with us about any care received outside of the Medical Home. Together we can prioritize needs, define goals and create a healing and healthful partnership.

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