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Active Duty Weight Control

Fit For Performance is a scientifically based lifestyle and behavior modification weight loss strategy. It is designed to help active duty members reach their weight management goals, improve military readiness and job performance, and lower risk of weight-related diseases. Fit for Performance is powered by the Performance Triad; it focuses on a combination of diet and exercises modifications as well as sleep and mindfulness to improve weight loss success. Fit for Performance is a multi-session program; participants are not required to attend all sessions.

Session 1 (Steps to Weight Loss Success):

This session introduces Fit For Performance and covers the basics of weight management. In this class you’ll learn about energy balance, obesity risks, BMI and body composition, and 10 steps to success. The class also covers goal setting and how to make small changes add up over time. Topics include sleep, physical activity and strength training, selecting the right foods to manage weight, how to calculate your energy needs, and tracking your progress.

*Soldiers enrolled in ABCP can attend this class as part of their Soldier Action Plan to meet the requirements of AR 600-9.

Maximize Your Sleep and Your Workouts:

In this session you will learn about the connection between sleep and weight management. The class will also discuss how to improve your exercises routine and boost calorie burn, popular weight loss diets, and the truth about dietary supplements. (Performance Nutrition Part I)

Fueling Your Body and Brain:

This class builds upon the basics of energy balanced to help you understand the best choices for fueling both your mind and your body to keep your energy levels up. The class will cover performance nutrition, the role of macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals), nutrient combining and timing, portion control and MyPlate, and optimizing your activity and food environments.

Psychology of Weight Loss:

This class will help you learn to break free from overeating and how to avoid mindless eating. Topics in this session include dealing with stress, rationale and techniques for mindful eating, comparison of hunger, appetite, and food cravings, exploring personal triggers, and technique to overcome habitual responses to food and psychological barriers.

No referral is needed to make an appointment to attend the classes. Please the Central Appointment Management Office at 210-916-9900 or the Community and Outpatient Nutrition Clinic directly at 210-808-3609/-2232 to schedule your appointment. The class calendar and Fit for Performance Weight Loss Strategies series schedule is available under the ‘Outpatient Appointments & Classes’ tab.

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