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Dermatology Clinics


As an efficient integrated service under the San Antonio Military Medical Center (SAMMC) paradigm, the Dermatology assets of Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC):

  • Diagnostic and therapeutic care to all patients with diseases of the skin, hair and nails.
  • An Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) accredited and DoD approved Dermatology residency training program.
  • Consultative services to area hospitals and clinics as well as a referral center for outpatient evaluation of difficult dermatologic cases.
  • Sustainment of global medical readiness capability with 100% active duty staff and technicians assigned to readiness positions.

Dermatology Clinic Information

The BAMC Dermatology department serves as the tertiary referral center for the Air Force, and one of only two for the Army, providing approximately 40,000 patient care visits a year. The service also offers a Pediatric Dermatology Clinic as well as surgical and laser treatments. Teledermatology services are also provided to CONUS, OCONUS and Deployed locations. The Dermatology department participates in humanitarian support missions to Central and South America supporting our expeditionary culture and U.S. engagement strategy. Research is also afforded major emphasis through ongoing staff and resident dermatologic research studies.

The Dermatology clinic houses the second largest Dermatology residency training program in the country. It is a three-year combined Army and Air Force program with its most recent Residency Review Committee evaluation granting a five (5) year accreditation. The goal for graduating residents is a 100% pass rate for the board certifying exam in Dermatology and to serve as experts on cutaneous disease in support of our military missions and patient population.

The Dermatology department is manned by five (5) AF Dermatologists, eight (8) Army Dermatologists and two part-time civilian contract dermatologists, all certified by the American Board of Dermatology. In addition, two (2) Dermatologists also hold special certification in dermatopathology; another two (2) are Mohs micrographic surgeons and fellows of the Mohs College.

Demographics of Patients Served

Age range Element Setting Served Timeframe

(birth – 3 months)

Dermatology Clinic or Inpatient Consult Service

Dermatology Clinic

M-F 0730-1630; on call consultation available 24/7

(3 months – 18 yrs; older in some cases)

Pediatric Dermatology Clinic or Dermatology Clinic or Inpatient Consult Service

Dermatology Clinic
or Pediatric Inpatient ward or PICU

M-F 0730-1630; on call consultation available 24/7


Dermatology Clinic or Inpatient Consult Service

Dermatology Clinic
or Adult Inpatient Ward or ICU

M-F 0730-1630; on call consultation available 24/7

Adult (BMTs)

Pseudofolliculitis Barbae Clinic

Reid Clinic

Monday afternoons


Mohs Surgery Service

Surgery Bay/Mohs reading room; Dermatology Clinic

M-F 0730-1630; on call consultation available 24/7

All ages


Remote support for 23 DoD facilities plus deployed physicians in two combat AORs

M-F 0730-1630; on call consultation available 24/7;  consults from combat AORs are supported 24/7/365

Consults to Dermatology

Patients are identified for Dermatologic evaluation through their primary care provider. Routine consults are reviewed and triaged by COB the next duty day. CAMO attempts to contact patients to set up an appointment within 2 duty days after review, and patients are booked for their appointment within 28 days of the referral. Inpatient and urgent consults are arranged directly with the consult resident through the primary provider on a 24/7 basis. These appointments/evaluations are coordinated by the consult resident and are typically seen on the same or next day, depending upon the urgency.

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