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BAMC Simulation Center


To improve patient outcomes by integrating high quality medical simulation into innovative programs which promote and enhance clinical competence, teamwork skills, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

To enhance and augment graduate medical education programs by integrating simulation-based curriculum.

To serve as a research laboratory in developing and validating simulation as an educational tool for healthcare professionals.


Our Vision is to be a medical training center of the future where medical and technological innovations collide to improve patient safety. The BAMC Simulation center will provide all areas of medical simulation to include PC-based simulation, virtual patients, task trainers, human patient simulators, and standardized patients. We will establish an open access task trainer procedure lab so staff can maintain their procedural skills. We will have a network support platform so we can develop a computer based medical gaming program and establish a standardized digital scenario library. We will have total integration with hospital clinical systems to allow for realistic training of medical records platforms. Our staff will be known for being subject matter experts in all areas related to medical simulation. We will keep abreast of the most recent teaching and debriefing methods and aspire to develop new innovative approaches to training. We will be known for being at the forefront of cutting edge research in medical simulation.

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2nd Floor, BAMC Consolidated Tower

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday 0700-1600


(210) 916-9318
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