Patient Resources

Travel Coordination

Eligible patients must be enrolled in TRICARE Prime that has been referred to medical appointment for locations that are greater than 100 miles from BAMC. Patient and non-medical will be issued orders that will provide reimbursement for their expenses (reasonable expenses per the Joint Federal Travel Regulation). The PAD office at BAMC will assist the patients with obtaining the orders and filling them out for reimbursement. Referring Physicians must complete the TRICARE Travel Request Form and forward it to the TRICARE office on Fort Sam Houston. Patients also need to bring an authorization letter from TRICARE office. Please maintain all receipts from Medical Appointments (e.g.: food, gas, hotel fees etc.) All receipts are needed to complete your travel vouchers DD Form 1351-2 and SF 1164.

Active Duty Personnel (Outpatient)

Active Duty Personnel (Outpatient) will receive a memo from the TRICARE for Medical Appointment. Patient will take the memo to his unit clerk or personnel section to have a DD Form 1610 completed and subsequently file a DD Form 1351-2 with their Finance section for reimbursement.

All Other Beneficiaries

All Other Beneficiaries will receive Invitational Travel Orders and subsequently file a SF 1164 with the Travel office at BAMC.

Non-Medical Attendants

If medical necessary and authorized by the referring physicians to accompany patient the same as above applied (active duty non-medical attendants need a DD Form 1610 and subsequently file a DD Form 1351-2, all others will need Invitational Travel Orders and subsequently file SF 1164 for reimbursement.
The TRICARE Office at CPT Jennifer M. Moreno Primary Care Clinic - Building 1179, 1st Floor. Office hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.


Keep personal baggage to a minimum. You are allowed two stowed and one hand carried. Maximum weight is 66 pounds per stowed piece. Please take personal items (toothbrush, shaving kit, pajamas, medication, etc.) in small hand carried bag that can fit beneath your seat.


Air evacuation staff is not responsible for making lodging arrangement for family member accompanying either inpatients or outpatients going to another Medical Treatment facility for an appointment. It is the patient and/or their accompanying family member to arrange for lodging before departing BAMC.

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